• Circuit integrat CHY100

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Product Highlights

• Fully supports Quick Charge 2.0 specification

• Class A: 5 V, 9 V, and 12 V output voltage

• Class B: 5 V, 9 V, 12 V, and 20 V output voltage

• USB battery charging specification revision 1.2 compatible

• Automatic USB DCP shorting D+ to D- line

• Default 5 V mode operation

• Supports TOPSwitch and TinySwitch

• Very low power consumption

• Below 1 mW at 5 V output

• Fail safe operation

• Adjacent pin-to-pin short-circuit fault

• Open circuit pin fault

Typical Applications

• Battery chargers for smart phones, tablets, netbooks, digital

cameras, and bluetooth accessories

• USB power output ports

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Circuit integrat CHY100

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