• Programator BX40 BAGERO II

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The BX40 BAGERO is a high quality and compact programmer for commonly used memory chips. The programmer offers an exceptionally flexible, simple to use and extremely fast set of EPROM programmer that support a broad range of chips. With a height of only 2.5cm the enclosures are very practical and are noted for their design and anodized die cast aluminium construction. The exceptional flexibility is attained by providing all power requirements via the USB port. A power adapter or batteries are not required, since all programming voltages are provided internally by a voltage generator from the USB supply voltage. The chips are programmed at a high level of quality and reproducibility in the shortest time possible through the use of optimized algorithms and microcontroller managed programming times. All supported chips can be programmed directly in DIP/DIL packages and suitable adapters are available for specialized packages such as PLCC, SOP, TSOP and QFP.

USB powered

Chip auto identification

Multi programmer control

Automatic programming start

Multi platform support

Supported devices are very old NMOS EPROM, NMOS EPROM, EEPROM NV RAM, FLASH, LPC, FWH, Firmware Hubs

In system programming (ISP) via Batronix universal ISP adapter

USB 2.0 full speed 12Mb/s

Chip ID test

Low voltage support down to 3V

Size reduced by more than 40%: Now only 9 cm long (before 15.3 cm)

Weight reduced by more than 30%: With only 167 grams the device is to be used yet better for the service area (before 241 grams)

Doubled firmware memory size: The BX40 Bagero II has enough place for future improvements and enlarged chip support

Improved pin driving possibilities: The BX40 Bagero II can drive more pins with supplying and programming voltages as its predecessor

Improved chip supply: The supply and programming voltages of the chips can now be set more accurately

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Programmer, USB cable, Prog express software, manual (multi language) on CD.

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Programator BX40 BAGERO II

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